The beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Wi-Fi Hotspot For Your Business

With almost 60% of all Internet traffic terminating over Wi-Fi these days, it’s become vital that you have Wi-Fi coverage for your business no matter the size.In this article, we’ll be covering s0ome basics when it comes to choosing a plan, vendor, and some links to where you can find out more about choosing the right Wi-Fi Hotspot for your business.

Technical Questions

  • What type of venue do you need to cover?
  • Must I do when I have more than one side location?
  • The average amount of people that will be connecting to the network?
  • My peak you expect and when is my peak-busy-hours?
  • How much is my budget?
  • Is my current Internet bandwidth sufficient enough?

Answers and Solutions

The following is there for your reference and decision is totally up to you when purchasing the right WiFi vendor equipment for your venue.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Ubiquiti – UniFi Series

Price starts at R2,300 (Excl VAT)
Out-of-the-box cloud managed enterprise-grade, at consumer prices.

Cisco Meraki MR Series

Price starts at R7,000 + license fee (Excl VAT)
Cisco Meraki offers out-of-the-box cloud-based management. All MR series are compatible. Outdoor options available also.

Open Mesh OM2P-HS

Price starts at R2,000 (Excl VAT)
Cloud-based management and easy-to-use Dashboard.

EnGenius ENS202EXT

Price starts at R1,600 (Excl VAT)
Very affordable solution and OneOnFi supported.

Mikrotik RB series (RB951Ui-2HnD)

Price starts at R1,800 (Excl VAT)
More difficult to configure. Mikrotik allows you to adjust the configuration in many ways.

Xirrus XR

Price starts at R7,500 (Excl VAT)
The reliable and very robust solution with cloud-based management and superior support. An advanced installation required.

Business Questions

Do I understand the value of a Guest WiFi and what it can mean for my business?
Do I have a marketing strategy?
Does my marketing strategy include online digital ad campaigns?
Did I include Social WiFi as part of my strategy?
To Answer your business question, all that you must do is take a look at our Social WiFi for your business place or event venue.